Lousmeau-Dupont Family
(by David Dupont)
This is the sister website to my family's Dupont website http://www.zen7716.zen.co.uk/dupont/ which covers the emigration from France to England of Philippe Dupont, the priest refugee from the 17th century. All details of the English side are covered there.

This is the story of his birthplace in Charente and the family he left behind, before he changed his name from Philippe Lousmeau sieur du Pont to simply Philip Dupont.

He seems to have come from a line of Huguenot pastors, including his own father Jacques Lousmeau, his brother Francois Lousmeau (who studied like him in Geneva, before moving to Scotland to cater for the many French refugees in Edinburgh), his father-in-law, Isaac de Clave and possibly his great-grandfather Samuel Lousmeau who was a major religious figure in La Rochelle in the late 16th century.

During the religious upheaval at the end of the 17th century, ending with the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, many of his Protestant family who remained in France were forced to abjure their beliefs; and some, in doing so, were able to seek high office in the region, including Parliamentary lawyers, king's guards and yes, even Catholic priests! This website is based around the Charente area, especially town of Saint-Claud, where the former building of “Les Pons” (the possible birthplace of Philippe) is still standing. It also shows the movement, after the Revocation of Nantes, of some of the family to be become merchants in Lyon.

I would like to give a huge thank-you to Philippa Woodcock for her extensive research done on the family of Philip Dupont, and who pointed me towards the possible ancestral link to the region of Charente, and also to many thanks to Anne Cross for her great contribution and for bringing us together.