The Dupont Families in England

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Genealogy of the Suffolk-based Huguenot refugees called Dupont.

Arriving in England in 1685, by way of French refugee Philip(pe) Dupont, a Huguenot priest, the Dupont families mainly settled in East Anglia. They carried on from their Huguenot roots, mainly turning to trades such as clothiers, merchants, publicans and farmers. Some interesting descendants were Gainsborough Dupont, nephew and assistant to Thomas Gainsborough, the artist, and Clifford Dupont who was the first President of Southern Rhodesia during the Smith regime. Now descendants are scattered around the globe, but their English roots remain in East Anglia and neighbouring Essex.

PLEASE NOTE: For privacy reasons, you will note that I have posted no actual dates for any living relatives (I have taken this to mean anyone born after 1910). It had come to my notice that certain relatives were unhappy having their details included on my website, these have now been removed - for information about other more distant relatives that I may hold, please email me.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has any concerns, corrections or additions to this on-going project. I have also set up a 'sister' website exploring the possible origins in France of Philip Dupont, our original French refugee at (with a special mention of thanks for the great help of Philippa Woodcock, who helped make the French connection possible). My thanks also go to Anne Cross and all the many kind people and relatives who have already greatly assisted me in my work.

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